Row by Row

Well, this year I decided to do the Texas Row By Row Experience. So yesterday I took the opportunity of a free afternoon to go and get some patterns. The first one was from

Best of Bernina Plano 
340 Coit Road, Suite 500 
Plano, TX 75075 

They were so nice and helpful I ended up walking out with the kit and some transfer paper. 
  And the second one came from

                                                    4152 W  Spring  Creek Pkwy, #156  
Plano, TX 75024

And, again, so helpful I got another kit and some fat quarters. 

I love the license plate
s.  I’m thinking of planning my vacation next year around the specific rows I want. What fun would that be?

Today I am headed to McKinney to get some more rows.. . . . .

If you are viewing my blog and have a Row by Row quilt – by all means – share.  I love seeing and sharing what other quilters are doing. 

Have a great day!


  Star Trek or Quilting

Well, my granddaughter finished her first quilt since I last
posted and it turned out really cute! And that’s not just the grandma in me talking.  I am really enjoying showing her how to sew and make a quilt. She made one for herself and now is making one for a friend.
Even the five-year-old grandson has got the bug and he picked out his fabric for quilt #2 and we laid it out last night while my husband, son, daughter-in-law and 10-year grandson watched an old Star Trek movie. Let’s see – do something with grandkids or watch Star Trek.  I love Star Trek but the grandkids will win out every time. 🙂


I heart Missouri Star Quilt Co

Road Trip To A Quilt Store

Just got back from an 8-hour road trip to a quilt store!!! And it was worth it!  Not only did I increase my stash I experienced one of the exciting events that is occurring all across America – the comeback of Main Street.
 One of the biggest tragedies that has occurred is the demise of the small town Main Street. Industry changes and people move on for jobs or just go down the road to the megastore for the convenience of one-stop shopping.  All resulting in the loss of community, plus a sense of pride and belonging as the decay spreads beyond Main Street and out to the abandoned family farms and ranches.
But one town is coming back because of the revitalization efforts of a quilt store! Missouri Star Quilt Company in Hamilton, MO is making a difference!  You can read their story at One Family Revitalizes A Small Town With, Yes, Quilts at  on the May 21, 20155:28 PM ET as heard on All Things Considered.  They are not just your neighborhood quilt store because their online presence is huge. Precuts are their specialty with fabrics beyond your wildest dreams in one place. Plus there are Free tutorials for beginners and experienced quilters alike and the customer service is amazing! Plus they hire a lot of people from the town and surrounding community! It’s an awesome and beautiful thing.
Anyway, enough of the road trip, I need to finish up my granddaughter’s first quilt. 😊Happy quilting!