There are 79 days till Christmas. 😮!!!

That’s less than 3 months!!!!!

Hi there! The weeks are starting to fly as we approach the holiday season.

The other day I was given a sweet moment, a serendipity if you please. My grandsons came over, ages 10 and 7, for about an hour and a half. An hour for sewing and a half hour to catch up on life and if you know that age either nothing happened or everything happened. Lol But this time there was a lot to share. About meetings (what?) and friends and church and their sister. The oldest one is working on a quilt of his own creation with a Minecraft theme with what seems like a million 2.5 in squares to look pixilated. But he finished a block and started a new one. The younger one has a superhero quilt that he picked up at the Plano quilt show that he works on as his attention span allows.  lol

I have even been productive this past week.  I finished the top of a nutcracker table runner from a kit from MSQC.   My husband has started collecting Christmas nutcrackers so it seemed like a perfect addition and I am also working on a secret project with my sister that we will reveal sometime soon.  Here’s a clue: we have fur babies.

Looking forward to my next project.  These mini banner wool kits from Connecting Threads.**  Great gift idea!!! Sew cute!!


Snow Pile Wool Kit, quilt kits, quilting kits, modern quiltsWee Ones - Lone Star Wool KitMini Flag Stand

Snow Pile  & Wee Ones Wool Kit      Mini Flag Stand

I love quilting and sewing.  It’s my go-to place when I need to “step aside” life’s chaos and get things back into perspective even though some days my seam ripper is my best friend.   lol

Have a sew wonderful week,




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